PPC Group

Why (I Feel Good with PPC)

PPC’s new campaign Why I Feel Good with PPC aims to raise awareness of a new energy that provides more options in everyday life. An energy that is more efficient, accessible, consumer-tailored, clean, and sustainable.

The innovative approach? Music, uplift, and a good mood!

The lead character is just like any of us, going about our daily lives: at home with friends, doing our favorite hobby, or working. With the assurance and confidence of someone who has answered all of the “Why” questions about energy. He is no longer concerned about the “Why” because he has discovered PPC products and services that make everything easier, more functional, and more sustainable.

The campaign covers TV, radio, press, and digital media in an entertaining manner, and is accompanied by a musical cover of an iconic song: “Don’t Ask Me Why” by Eurythmics is covered and presented by a musical band that symbolizes the good mood and confidence that the lead character desires; that’s why feels good with PPC.

DDB created the campaign, which was produced by BOO PRODUCTIONS and directed by Vassilis Bourantas.