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PPC myEnergy Coach Capsule @ Thessaloniki International Fair

PPC’s digital hero myEnergy Coach emerges from the usual communication channels to take the form of a human-sized 3D character at the PPC stand at the 86th TIF, conversing in real time with the public and answering energy-related questions. Interacting with the audience was a one-of-a-kind experience.

But how can a digital persona come to life, have a real-time conversation with the audience, know all the answers to energy questions, and generate knowledge for the audience as a result of a fun process identifying PPC with consulting for more sustainable development?

For the first time in Greece, a hologram capsule equipped with a motion capture suit, face recognition, and real-time 3D rendering brings PPC, my energy coach, to life and provides energy answers!

According to data released by the TIF, the 86th TIF was visited by over 212,000 people. Over 20,000 people stopped by the PPC booth to say hello or chat with the Coach, who informed and entertained them with his technologically advanced and unique presence. The response from visitors of all ages was overwhelming, and the hologram at the PPC stand worked flawlessly, demonstrating that new technologies create new opportunities and excitement!