DEI blue

DEI blue Game x Citroën Ami blue

The largest public charging network in Greece, DEI blue, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a competition for twenty electric cars. The interactive game DriveMe blue was developed with the intention of highlighting the benefits and values of the brand while also making participation simple and enjoyable.

But how can you make competing in a competition enjoyable while also making it educational for thousands of customers who want to get involved in the development of sustainable mobility in our cities and the spread and promotion of electric mobility?

In order to reduce CO2 emissions from the city and safeguard the environment, the interactive game DriveMe blue was developed. It allows you to drive a 3D model Citroën Ami blue in an urban setting with ease and enjoyment. Along the way, you would stop at DEI blue chargers to charge your Ami, just like you would in your home city to charge your electric car. However, you would also come across surprise stations along the way, where you would have to correctly answer trivia questions about PPC Blue and electric mobility in order to finish your route through the city and compete.

Over 65,000 people enjoyed the ride, finished the game, and signed up. Twenty of them were also driven in a real Citroën Ami Blue, which is now circulating in cities across Greece with the exact same branding as the 3D model of the car they saw for the first time in the game DriveMe blue.