PPC Group


A fully branded pop-up PPC “kiosk” housing an interactive game at Golden Hall to introduce children (and their families) to renewable energy sources and highlight PPC’s commitment to sustainable development.

Given the goal of reaching the entire family using the child as a springboard, it was decided that the “pavilion” would house an interactive experience that encourages family engagement. The topic of sustainable development, energy transition, and renewables is complex; it was critical to communicate it without boring or trivializing the experience. The ‘gamification‘ approach transforms the experience into a game, with the primary goal of entertaining the child, while knowledge emerges naturally as a byproduct of the fun process.

The sun, air, water, and geothermal energy all become characters in the interactive game, encouraging children to learn about renewable energy sources and create their own avatar as a renewable energy superpower. The retail environment at Golden Hall is ideal for attracting the target audience. Choosing an entertaining activity increases engagement and serves the customer-centric goal of PPC.

The pavilion’s interior design creates an immersive environment, heightening the sense of a “holistic” experience. The game characters/avatars are forms of RES as well as key elements of nature (sun, air, water, earth) that children can recognize. The avatars’ design emphasizes the action’s playful nature. The project’s design makes knowledge about RES more accessible to the entire family, while also associating PPC with sustainable development and energy transformation in the minds of the target audience.