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The campaign “ΘΜΠ” is inspired by a global trend on social media (Tik Tok primarily) in which youngsters use letter initials to describe something they are obsessed with. The acronym “ΘΜΠ” is the protagonist of the film. We watch it and hear it throughout the TV spot, in different locations and situations. “ΘΜΠ” is the […]



McDonald’s collaborates with Marseaux for the new Employer Branding 360o campaign! The main idea and message of the campaign is to empower people to feel confident in their talents and skills, even if they don’t have work experience. Passion, dedication, and creativity of everyone is what matters at McDonald’s! Marseaux complements this idea by co-signing […]


The right rice

We are signing with humor and a lot of fun the new campaign for Agrino rice! Starring the well-known creator Elena Charalampoudi, who appears for the first time on television, the campaign proves with 3 different films that only Agrino has “the right rice” for every occasion and need in our daily lives. Thus, Elena […]

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