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PPC Group

New generation. New minds (?)

#allazoumemyala To eliminate the stereotyped perceptions that drive abusive behaviors, we must all recognize and address them. This year’s project focuses on the future and young people, who may better understand and reverse the recurrence of stereotypical ideas and abusive attitudes given the influences and stimuli they are continually exposed to. Deep diving into teenagers’ heads […]

Lidl Cyprus


“We speak more than 25 different languages, but we all say the same thing.”  A Diversity and Inclusion Campaign for Lidl Cyprus, which underlines that in Lidl CY, there is a friendly work environment, without discrimination, where all are treated equally, have equal learning & development opportunities, no matter where they come from, no matter […]

Alpha Bank

Get rid of negative ideas!

We all have negative thoughts since it is human nature to worry about the future and attempt to foresee the unknown. However, when negative thoughts take over our minds, we must find strategies to break away from them. A good way to “exorcise” an unpleasant thought is to put it down on paper and then […]

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