TEDxATHENS 2023’s branding, titled “Unleash,” was created to include the concepts of “freedom,” “power,” and “perspective,” as a virtual representation of breaking free from shackles and realizing our potential. It captures the essence of 2023’s theme and encourages each individual to follow their dreams, leaving their own positive footprint on the world.

Strategically, the design is based on typography, which represents the dynamics of words and their influence on our lives, with a simple font that emphasizes the journey of personal development and is the inspiration behind TEDxATHENS 2023.

Within the essence of “Unleash,” which encourages liberation, we incorporate creative typographic distortions that represent the deconstruction of what prevents us from reaching our full potential. We are indirectly showing the countless paths that each individual can take to free themselves from what is holding them back by making extensive use of these deformations.

The distortions are cleverly used in the design, giving the logo multiple interpretations while maintaining the core message. This approach causes everyone who sees it to interpret it in their own way, reinforcing the fact that everyone’s journey of evolution and empowerment is unique.