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New generation. New minds (?)


To eliminate the stereotyped perceptions that drive abusive behaviors, we must all recognize and address them. This year’s project focuses on the future and young people, who may better understand and reverse the recurrence of stereotypical ideas and abusive attitudes given the influences and stimuli they are continually exposed to. Deep diving into teenagers’ heads is not easy. Our latest survey on gender-based stereotypes related to violence against women was a first effort. Worth taken.

For the 3rd year in a row, PPC participates in the actions of the International Day for examining violence against women. This year, research company Focus Bari and the communication company DDB conducted a nationwide survey, focusing on teenagers aged 15-17, high school students.

The subject of the 2023 survey, which was carried out in partnership with the research company Focus Bari and the communication company DDB, is the adoption of stereotypical roles within the context of romantic relationships, which are linked to gender-based violence and justify abusive behaviors.

Changing the attitudes of teenagers towards gender stereotypes is a key point in the prevention of violence against women because only if young men and women criticize gender stereotypes, prevention can be implemented. We attempted to highlight and claim in an essential way, the progress of all of us towards important social issues.

For 6 days, as long as the #OrangeTheWorld international campaign lasts (25/11-10/12), we launch an awareness TV and SoMe campaign to educate the public about battling misconceptions and violence against women.

Find out what the new generation has in mind about the issues of gender violence at https://bit.ly/40UJCox