GShock – #RealPeopleRealTime

A different G-Shock watch photo shoot, with Sakis Tanimanidis and 15 people from our target audience posing as models!

For the first time, we used Instagram’s new ‘group chat‘ function to create an original themed competition that interacts with the public and highlights G-Shock’s all-day fashion character. Sakis posted two Instagram stories in group chat format, inviting people to request entry into this private group chat within a certain time frame.

He invited the first 32 people who asked to join the chat, sending them a secret code, informing them about the action, and inviting them to enter the relevant microsite to register their participation. When visiting the microsite, the user was required to enter the G-Shock password in order to claim the title of… one of the faces who will appear in the next G-Shock photo shoot alongside Sakis Tanimanidis!

As a result of the action, the absolute number of watches sold reached an all-time high (+24%), despite a significant decrease in the price of the watch (-40%) in the previous year.