PPC Group

ΔΕΗ Brand Experience – One with the future

A new “cycle” begins for the PPC! PPC is rebranded and we transmit its energy to all Greeks.

The opportunity was the Web, the new technologies, and all the possibilities they offer us to support and communicate PPC’s transition to a new era in the celebratory way it deserves.

A similarly significant amount of communication was required to convey the big news of the new (the shift in PPC’s corporate identity and the start of a new era). Whatever the physical constraints that were in place! As a result, the decision was made to hold a large event to mark the start of the company’s digital broadcast and usher in a new era. However, in order to reach all of the audiences PPC (Greeks 18+), the media, and the numerous messages that such a large organization needs to convey at this time, its communication framework needed to be equally expansive.

Three stages of communication were put into action: a) a teaser phase to build excitement and an invitation to the major event or unveiling; b) the event itself, which included the unveiling of the new company and PPC’s new vision; and c) the opening: a festive presentation of the new corporate identity and the announcement of the PPC era’s objectives, tenets, and core values.